Woodburning and Gas burning Fireplace Inserts are heating units that retrofit into an existing, Codes Compliant, masonry or factory-built fireplace, becoming an efficient, heat producing whole house or zone heater. Today’s Inserts offer superior efficiency, often rated at a delivered efficiency exceeding that which is available from gas, oil or electric heat pump.  Wood or Gas Fireplace inserts utilize the existing chimney, through a flue liner for venting. All have blowers to enhance heat circulation.


  • Wood and Gas Inserts are heating units that retrofit into an existing fireplace (masonry or factory-built).
  • Wood and Gas Inserts become an efficient, heat producing area heater, often capable of heating the entire home.
  • Wood and Gas Inserts burn with superior efficiency and unparalleled enjoyment and warmth.
  • Wood and Gas Inserts Utilize the existing chimney.
  • Wood and Gas Inserts have blowers to circulate the heat.

If you have access to firewood, Inserts can save large sums of money on heating costs becoming a great investment not simply an expenditure.

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