Here at Professional Fireplace & Chimney Services, Inc., we have many types and styles of wood burning fireplaces, both Masonry and Factory built. Thanks to the newest innovations in manufacturing technology, we have a large range of options which can answer the needs of the budget minded as well as to those that seek a higher end, more efficient system. Some of our higher end models feature a rated heating efficiency of over 80% to help ensure that your investment in quality gives back each and every winter! Typically, when one compares the prices, features and efficiency of Woodburning fireplace systems, they will find the Woodburning Fireplace is the only home heating solution to actually repay its’ costs over a period of time!

Wood Burning Fireplaces also have some additional advantages when compared to other heating choices. Many of our clients are relieved to learn that the chimney systems needed are both lightweight , long lasting and safe. Even better, these systems typically do not need any additional footing, or other structural supports. You can also have wood burning fireplaces installed when the house is being first built, or as an addition at a later date. Fortunately, in most situations, you can choose to have your new heater retrofitted into an existing fireplace as a Fireplace Insert!

In addition to incredible heating efficiency and reasonable options and pricing, Woodburning fireplaces have a seasoned, classical history in the elements of interior design for over five hundred years! Many would argue that nothing adds more style, class and character to any home. Others insist that Woodburning fireplaces are a cornerstone for any home design; Traditional, Modern, Colonial, Craftsman or any design style you can name. Regardless of what style of home you have, you gain wonderful visual aesthetics while maintaining optimal heating efficiency, warmth and coziness when you install a quality Woodburning fireplace. You can design it in to new construction or retrofit it easily and inexpensively!

When you contact us about your options, at 423-586-2363, we always welcome detailed information about your styling preferences with open arms! It’s how we make sure that you are getting the best possible fit for your homes’ new Woodburning fireplace system!


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