Lightning Rods

Air Terminal

The most common lightning protection system is known for its simplicity.  Residential Systems are most commonly manufactured in copper or aluminum, with Stainless Steel being available for Industrial or special applications.

Copper or Aluminum Air Terminal (Rods) are suitable for external lightning protection and are connected with heavy wire to multiple hidden ground rods and can be built into the home during initial construction. This simple system, properly designed and installed is extremely, approaching 100% reliable, in protecting lives and property from Lightning damage.

Stainless Steel Air Terminals can be used as a single sensor element, part of a passive protection system, or complementing protective conductive mesh (Faraday) cages. They are usually made of ANSI 316L stainless steel or copper, and are common in Commercial Computer installations.


“Protective angle” method, or “Rolling Sphere”, Call us at 423-586-2363 for a full discussion with John, our LPI Certified and UL Listed Lightning Protection expert and Team Leader. He’s been providing Residential, Commercial and Industrial Lightning Protection Systems throughout the Southeastern United States since 1990.

Do you remember Benjamin Franklin of Colonial America? Ben Franklin Invented the Lightning System approach we use today!

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